Of course! We started HANMUN for many reasons, and this was one of them. Many students simply don’t have access to MUN in their school curriculum or in their town/city. If you’ve never done MUN and you’d like to start, like our Facebook/Insta page, and the community will get you started. 

The participation is open for everyone between the age of 18 and 30. Our age restriction policy is strict, we are sorry that there can be no exceptions.

To apply as a delegate no previous experience is required. Proficiency in English & having confidence will glitter your personality in the event. Please keep in mind that you may not be accepted for more advanced committees if you don’t have any previous experience.

Unfortunately there is no stipend or financial support for delegates. Our budget does not allow us to support delegate’s travel and/or registration fee.

Yes, you need. Comparing to the facilities you’ll get, let’s put the payment as part of the infestation. Generally, we have 2 types of payment based on the facilities we offered, which are full accommodation and non accommodation.

After, registering and paying you will get accommodation through out the event on sharing basis with 3 times food and also a kit bag containing  necessary equipments.

No registration fee is entitled a refund. This is because we have already paid for a lot of our venues based on the number of people that already paid. However, if you are unable to attend due to exceptional circumstances that met with the Terms and Conditions we may consider.

While we do our utmost to ensure HANMUN runs smoothly, we cannot guarantee to have your lost items/belongings. We can keep the items/belongings that are founded by our committees, but outside of our reach is your responsibility to keep your values safe. If you are sick or injured during HANMUN our delegates relations team will help you to provide your medicine. However, it is wiser to bring your personal medicine.

We do take photographs and video footage, you can get the official documentations at maximum 7 days after HANMUN end. By applying as delegates in HANMUN, you agree that having your photograph taken and license to use your image or video for publicity and promotion of HANMUN and future conference. We will not sell or license the documentaries to 3rd parties for commercial purposes.
If you are having a problem of your photos or videos included in our official publicity or publication you can email us at : hanmun2020@gmail.com

The Project Manager of HANMUN this year is Mr. Himanshu Kumar Barnawal. You can reach him at barnawalhimanshu122@gmail.com.