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PODCAST 101 Episode 1

You will be glad to know that team HANMUN is starting very own hanmun 101 podcast series with some of the exceptionally brilliant speakers,entrepreneurs, politicians,diplomats and youth leaders of the world.

Well for the first podcast series ,we have Ms.RosalĂ­a Arteaga Serrano who is an Ecuadorian politician, served as the country’s first female head of state as acting president in 1997.She became Vice President in 1996, following the election of Abdala Bucaram as President.

Arteaga was secretary-general of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization until 2007 and is a member of the editorial board of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

She serves as a member of the Nizami Ganjavi International Center, a global policy think-tank composed primarily of current and former presidents and prime ministers, and has lately contributed an article on “The Virus and the Economy” to its journal.

HANMUN is more than honored and privileged to have her on the podcast to share sights about her journey and current scenarios of the world alongside women’s role in the subsequent.

Delegates you can listen and watch our podcasts on youtube,igtv,spotify,soundcloud and wavve.

PODCAST 101 Episode 1 audio

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PODCAST 101 Episode 1

PODCAST 101 Episode 2

So here we are with our next amazing guest speaker for the podcast session at hanmun Ms. Paula Maria.

Ms. Paula has an extensive political and professional career as a conflict manager in both public and private activity. She is an nternational speaker,community and family Mediator and been a crucial part in politics. She is a Consultant on peace issues in America and UBA Lawyer as well.

She has an extensive experience in gender parity, and female leadership issues. Specialized in negotiation and conflict management Ms. Paula is an International Lecturer in various University programs, International organizations and other institutions on political leadership, gender discourses and practices, strengthening women entrepreneurs and training

young leaders.

She is a former National Deputy, former Secretary of the Headquarters of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Nation and former Argentine Ambassador to the OAS.

PODCAST 101 Episode 2 audio

PODCAST 101 Episode 2