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Virtual Mun : it’s a boom


MUN stands for ‘Model United Nation’ where people around the globe participate to discuss various important topics regarding the United Nation. During MUN conference participants learn about various important things like diplomacy, international relations, the United Nations and other international organizations. MUN imparts research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as teamwork and cultural empathy, to its “Delegates.”

Today’s era is all about internet and virtuality so we will be talking about it today.

Benefits of virtual MUN:

  • Promotes the development of attendees: One of the most essential reasons for virtual MUN is that they remove geographical barriers. The number of attendees can expand enormously from anywhere around the world.


  • Attendees save money: One of the most significant barriers to event attendance has been removed: travel costs. A virtual event requires simply a computer and an Internet connection for attendees (and a cup of coffee.)


  • It saves time for planners: In-person MUN, such as hotel site selection, on-site event staffing, and signage, take up a large portion of event planning time. Virtual events minimise these tasks, allowing event planners to focus on event content, sponsorship development, and providing a positive attendance experience because “Time is money”.


  • Offers more networking options: Virtual event platforms allow for so many ways to build professional relationships such as creating special interest meet-up spaces, hosting cocktail parties and entertainment and providing detailed attendee directories. Online events often cater to introverts and those who shy away from traditional networking – keep them engaged at their own pace by using polling to curate small, specific discussion.


  • More networking possibilities are available: Create special interest meet-up areas, host cocktail parties and entertainment, and provide complete attendee directories are just a few of the ways virtual event platforms may help you create professional relationships. Introverts and people who avoid traditional networking are frequently attracted to online events; use polling to keep them involved at their own speed.


  • Attendee feedback is available : They are realising that an online event provides a variety of different measures to help organise future events, in addition to the rich data that can be gathered during virtual event registration. The true number of individuals attending a session, the amount of people attending at a specific moment, and the speakers with the most engagement are just a few of these data.


So you see it’s a boom !!!!!!


– Written by: Rajshree Sharma

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