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Who knew this pandemic will change our living, our way of looking life, and of course our way of working so much that we all will be sitting at our home sipping tons of coffee because we are not getting that work place motivation. You feel me, right?

But as we say, life goes on and this is the new normal and we have to just move on with it. And because of this, I know many of you must be thinking of ways to get your personality highlighted in such a way that in a crowd of 1k people you can be recognized as one of the gems.

This can be done in many ways and I have brought you one of them where you will not only get an insight of public speaking but you will get to know a lot of people around the globe. So here is where HANMUN comes in the frame. We team hanmun has the aim to bring together the youth around the globe together and for that we organize various talk shows, conferences and MUNs. And we are sure you will get exposure of a lot of things like:

  • Public speaking
  • Meet new people
  • Diplomacy and negotiation skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Helps into getting into colleges and jobs as well.

So, now is the time for you to join HANMUN and take yourself a step higher.


HANMUN was started in 2019 but due to the pandemic, we took the initiative to start this journey of virtual conferences, talk shows and MUNs from 2020 onwards and have already conducted various successful talk shows and 4 very spectacular MUNs with the help of our guest speakers from around the globe who with their guidance have made this journey of virtual MUNs beautiful.


The main aim of HANMUN is to create a platform where youth can explore the ideas ranging from educational leadership, entrepreneurship, environment and culture by joining the programs conducted where the participants are able to acquire knowledge directly through their series of activities.

HANMUN not only plan to conduct MUNS, conferences in parts of India but to broaden its scope by conducting its programs at different locations in various other countries too. We believe that it will give youth from various parts of the globe the same opportunity to be a part of the events and with the ideas and learning can contribute in making the world a better place because we the youth will be the next change.

Due to this pandemic, we may not be able to accomplish our goal of coming together at one place and interact with one another personally but “WE WILL ONE DAY”.


– Written by: Rajshree Sharma

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